Let me simply begin by clarifying that I am appallingly adversely affected by felines and pooches. My family dependably had pets growing up and when I moved out, I was delighted in that it would at last be the finish of any stuffy nose or smeared skin. This new pet-less life worked out really well for me until the point that I met my better half Megan. Turns out, she is an over the top feline sweetheart. She took a shot at me for some time with her puppy canine eyes and I inevitably gave in and we got our feline Ickle.

When we brought him home, we began looking on the web for the ideal feline furniture to furnish our home with for our new expansion. We were very disheartened by how all the feline trees out there looked truly nonexclusive. Both of us chose to manufacture something novel for him and with no earlier carpentry encounter (not in any case eighth grade woodshop), we hand-fabricated him his own one of a kind Indiana Jones-styled feline extension. As should be obvious from the photographs, he burrowed it.

Obviously, after we assembled the scaffold, we required strides here and there on the two sides, so we began trying different things with various racking plans and mounting strategies. We wound up building Ickle a fantastical feline divider and he totally adored it. He wound up getting a charge out of the extension so much that we chose to begin building them out of our third story condo low maintenance and offering them on Etsy. We got a mind blowing reaction from our Etsy clients and have since enhanced our unique thoughts and extended our furniture line a lot. We’ve kept concentrating on offbeat feline furniture thoughts and in four years have transformed our side task into a truly cool business.

Despite the fact that I never knew this was my fantasy, and regularly wake up during the evening sniffling, I cherish our three felines beyond all doubt and would’ve never had the chance to do what I adore as a profession without them.

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