A ginger feline couldn’t locate a home since he is extremely uncommon. He invested a long energy living in an enclosure at the vet’s office, trusting somebody would take him home.

Benny or Benjamin Hugo Noggin and his four kin were abandoned after their human mother passed away. Losing his human smashed his reality, and Benny was terrified and confounded. A couple of good Samaritans ventured in and discovered homes for the other four felines, yet nobody needed to take Benny.

The ginger kid is visually impaired and has hydrocephalus, a development of liquid in the cerebrum. He was taken into a vet’s office in Northern California where it turned into his transitory home. Consistently Benny looked through the pen entryway, trusting somebody would scoop him up and give him an eternity home.

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Courtesy: Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc.

But no one came, so the vet’s office reached out to a local rescue for help. When Milo’s Sanctuary (in Burbank, California) learned about Benny’s story, they knew just the perfect home for him.

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Milo’s Sanctuary believes that all cats deserve a second chance at life, so they opened up their home to little Benny.

“After a trip down from Northern California, Benny went to his Lifetime Care Foster home where he’s settled in and starting to learn that he’s safe and loved,” Milo’s Sanctuary said.

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“He’s been to the neurologist and is getting treatment as fitting, including subq liquids as he doesn’t drink from a bowl, general blood tests and homeopathic treatment and also a unique eating regimen because of stomach/intestinal sensitivities.

“He’s doing awesome and the reality he’s 5 years of age and has made it this far without radical treatment or intercession says a ton for his quality.”

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With a loving home, little Benny began to thrive!

He is so happy to have good food and all the love and attention from his humans that he can’s stop purring.

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He loves people and shows his affection in an adorable way.

“Benny has decided the best scratching post is his Lifetime Care Foster mom! He’s a very silly boy!”
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