The Red Dot is a baffling animal that dozes amid the day and awakens after dusk. It’s anxious about the light and flourishes in shadows and dim corners. It’s flighty, energizing and practically incomprehensible for us to get. Any kitty who’s endeavored the catch the Red Dot, realizes that it is brimming with shocks. It will arbitrarily appear on your cover, circled the sofa, slither up the divider and in some cases fly onto the roof. It’s no place and wherever in the meantime! Felines and Red Dots have an extraordinary love-loathe relationship that is difficult to portray in words. The Red Dot is malevolent, yet so loveable in the meantime!

Just those with a genuinely prepared eye, superhero reflexes and a momentous gleam oblivious vision can ace the craft of getting the Red Dot. I’ll be straightforward: it takes rehearse, diligent work and exceptional assurance. Getting the Red Dot is not an ability an amateur can learn overnight. On the off chance that you are intrepid, goal-oriented and eager to accomplish the inconceivable – one day you very well might!

P.S. The Red Dot is not to be mistaken for other red specks… (banner of Japan, Target logo or the red spot on Jupiter) My examination demonstrates those aren’t controlled by fish.

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Additional tip: Camouflage somewhere the Red Dot won’t see you


Additional tip: Be ready to eat it if it gets close!

Red Dots don’t keep going forever. They are fueled by a novel life source called “battery”. This battery lives in a metal spaceship and bolsters the Red Dot fish for vitality and survival. The spaceship makes the Red Dot gleaming and brilliant.. that is until the supply of fish runs out. In case you’re set for win the fight against the Red Dot, keep it circling for quite a while! You will require a strong supper and incessant chicken snacks to outlast the spaceship! Continue pursuing the Red Dot around the house until the spaceship totally comes up short on its fish supply… in the end the Red Dot will get eager and vanish! Try not to stress, it will be back! Red Dots, similar to felines, have 9 (if not more) lives, so it will have returned to play once more!


Power up with a nutritious chicken soup

Red Dots jump at the chance to associate with hyper, vigorous kitties. I know it’s difficult to oppose pursuing that thing around the room, yet you MUST remain solid and work on your self discipline! Play for an a few moments, stop and imagine you’re so drained, you can scarcely lift your tail. Extend on the cover, open your mouth and put on a show to yowl without making any stable. Red Dots get thrown off by quiet whimpering. They might be smart, however they don’t have the tolerance for exhausted or sluggish felines! In case you’re not kidding about getting the Red Dot and need to take your amusement to the following level, play dead! Roll onto your back, put your paws open to question like a zombie and stand out your tongue … Not just will the Red Dot urgently look for your consideration, you may even get a thoughtful tummy rub from your most loved human!


Play Dead or Pretend you’re a zombie

Red Dots bolster off your consideration. They know you cherish them genuinely and will utilize it further bolstering their good fortune. The more you demonstrate your advantage, the speedier and more subtle the Red Dot will get to be. It has concentrated your catlike propensities and knows you superior to the back of its paw. So what do you do to outflank the Red Dot? You play hard to get! Imagine you’re not intrigued. Quit pursuing. Watch out the window. Take a fake rest. Eat a few hairballs. Do whatever it takes to demonstrate that you don’t have the scarcest enthusiasm for the Red Dot. It will in the long run get exhausted of sitting tight for you and approach nearer. That is the point at which you can sneak up and snatch it with your teeth!


Play hard to get. For example take a fake nap

Keep a close eye on the flying Red Dot, don’t blink!
Anyone can write on Funny Animals.



Anyone can write on Funny Animals.