This one-looked at hard of hearing pit bull named Scarlett had put in more than three years at a safe house, which is the greater part her life. Amid those years, she figured out how to win over the hearts of both the safeguard association’s staff individuals and the individuals who come to visit. Still, nobody would need to take the poor thing home…

Scarlett was conveyed to the sanctuary in 2013 in light of the fact that her past proprietors couldn’t bear the cost of her medicinal treatment. Today Scarlett is one solid pooch, but not extremely dynamic, which makes alternate doggos at the sanctuary seem more alluring. “Individuals take a gander at her, and she’s the one-looked at pooch who is not hopping up to welcome them, however a large number of alternate canines are,” sanctuary chief Kirstyn Northrop Cobb told The Dodo.

The lady’s heart was breaking to see Scarlett at a safe house for so long. “She is the most cuddly puppy ever! She will simply liquefy into you… and give you kisses.” Cobb includes: “When you enter her living space, she grins at you and it is super adorable!.”

All things considered, now the doggie has considerably more motivations to grin, as per the most recent news, she has quite recently been embraced!

More Info: Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County | Facebook (h/t: thedodo) | Boredpanda


Her ceaseless medical issues included serious ear contaminations, which likely added to her deafness


She figured out how to win over the hearts of the safeguard association’s staff individuals


Scarlett was brought to the shelter because her previous owners couldn’t afford her medical treatment


Today Scarlett is healthy, albeit not very active, which makes the other doggos appear more attractive


“She’s the one-eyed dog who is not jumping up to greet them, though many of the other dogs are”


“She is the most cuddly dog ever! She will just melt into you… and give you kisses”


Anyone can write on Funny Animals.



Anyone can write on Funny Animals.