Betsy the pit bull should be a “contender”, intended to battle different puppies. Be that as it may, she declined to battle, which left her skin shredded, truly torn to shreds. Yet, that hasn’t prevented her from battling for her life!

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Pit bulls and other “risky” breeds were prohibited from many parts in Germany in light of the fact that a man discharged a pit bull prepared to battle on a schoolboy. In any case, in light of Betsy’s courageous demonstrations, they are thinking about changing the guidelines at the end of the day!

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Betsy is demonstrating that most pooches are not purposefully merciless and forceful, and they simply need to be upbeat! She experienced genuine wounds since she declined to battle, and despite the fact that she was safeguarded a month and a half prior, she is as yet recuperating in the creature doctor’s facility. We trust Betsy has a solid and quick recuperation, and that she can locate a home where she can genuinely be cheerful! Watch a video about Betsy underneath!
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Anyone can write on Funny Animals.